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SynchroVERT™ IE4 Motors

synchrovert ie4 motors

SynchroVERT™ range of IE4 motors combines high efficiency with a number of technologically superior features.

We are authorized agency of Bharat Bijlee Motors. Bharat Bijlee is that the first in India to manufacture and introduce Super Premium Efficiency IE4 motor. Branded as SynchroVERT™ our range of IE4 motor combine high efficiency with a host of technologically superior features.

Electric motors are estimated to consume about 65% of the electrical energy consumed by industry. Moreover, energy costs over the typical life cycle of a motor can be as high as twenty times the original capital cost of the motor. Energy efficient motors thus offer an opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs and their collateral environmental effects. Increasingly, there is a strong economic-and environmental-case for choosing high efficiency motors over conventional ones. Instead of repairing or rewinding a failed motor, organizations may profitably consider replacing them with energy efficient motors or motor driven systems that can bring about significant reduction in energy consumption.

A front-runner in providing energy efficient motor and automation solutions that help our customers reduce the life-cycle energy costs of their motor-driven systems. With a remarkably short payback period, they offer significant savings over IE2 and IE3 motors along with a host of technologically superior features.

synchrovert ie4 motors

Energy Efficient Motors conform to the following standards defined by IEC 60034-30- 1-2014:

  • Efficiency Class IE1: Standard efficiency.
  • Efficiency Class IE2: High efficiency.
  • Efficiency Class IE3: Premium efficiency.
  • Efficiency Class IE4: Super Premium efficiency.

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Advantages of synchrovert ie4 motors :

  • Online starting.
  • Can operate without a VFD.
  • Lossless excitation.
  • High efficiency.
  • High power factor at all loads.
  • No rotor losses.
  • Runs at synchronous speed.
  • Suitable for applications with constant torque below synchronous speed and constant HP above synchronous speed.
  • Multiple motors run at exactly the same speed without VFDs: this eliminates speed encoders for feedback control.
  • Starting currents are lower than in IE2 motors; starting torque values are similar to IE2 motors.

As these are synchronous motors, the rated speed is synchronous i.e. 1500 RPM. With this motor, a pump or fan will run at about 3% higher speed and it will give much higher discharge/air delivery. Hence if the pump or fan is already fully loading the motor, it cannot be used unless the impellor is redesigned or it is used along with a VFD drive.

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Founded within the year 1970, “Nipa Agencies” has craved an edge for itself within the industry by supplying and exporting an unmatched collection of commercial Motors. Our standardized

synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in India

Synchronous reluctance technology combines the performance of the permanent magnet motor with the simplicity and service-friendliness of an induction motor. The new rotor has
neither magnets nor windings and suffers virtually no power losses. And because there are no magnetic forces in the rotor, maintenance is as straightforward as with induction motors.

Nipa Agencies are experts in synchrovert ie4 motors dealers, New technology motors are more challenging from the control point of view than traditional induction motor and drive packages. When selecting a new technology motor and drive package, it is important to ensure that the package is suitable for the application – the drive must have the right control software for the specific application. The performance of the synchronous reluctance motor is verified with drives. Performance and functionality with other drives cannot be guaranteed.

The synchronous reluctance motor is a three-phase electric motor with a magnetically anisotropic rotor structure. In the four-pole version, the rotor has four high- and four low-permeance synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in Ahmedabad. High permeance means high magnetic conductivity and higher inductance, so while low permeance means lower inductance synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in India.

we are expert in synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in India The magnitude of the vector field and the speed of its rotation can be controlled by a frequency converter. The high saliency of the rotor means that its angular position can be simply detected by a sensorless control. Expensive absolute encoders, resolvers, and other rotational sensors are therefore not required. we are expert in synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in Ahmedabad.

The stator and frame design are based on proven induction motor technology and the rotor consists of only iron and air. Nipa Agencies are expert in synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in Ahmedabad The lack of windings and permanent magnets in the rotor eliminates potential faults associated with these components, resulting in robust motor technology optimized in the industrial variable speed applications synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in India.

A set of slide rails includes two complete also with screws for mounting the motor on the rails. Screws for mounting the rails on foundation are not included synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in India. Slide rails have unmachined lower surfaces and should, before tightening down, be supported in a suitable manner synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in Ahmedabad.

Because motors used in the industry require the security of supply and need to help improve
energy efficiency, they need to be made from materials that are low-cost and readily available. Accordingly, Hitachi built an axial-gap motor using very low-cost ferrite magnets with magnetism exactly one-third that of rare earth magnets and conducted performance testing synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in Gujarat.

we are expert in synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in Gujarat it had been fitted in an assembled motor, the design used empirically obtained coefficients to take account of core degradation. This meant that determining the actual degradation would enable an improvement in motor efficiency by allowing the design to use smaller coefficients. Nipa Agencies are expert in synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in Gujarat Hitachi developed a technique for accurately assessing the magnetic properties of amorphous alloy cores fitted inside assembled motors.

If the outcomes satisfy the target performance, the stress analysis is then performed to calculate the stresses on the plastic parts using the electromagnetic force, temperature distribution, and other parameters as inputs. If these stresses are within the permitted limit, the design is complete synchrovert ie4 motors dealers in gujarat. The limits are determined based on consideration of how plastic strength varies with temperature and degrades with extended use.

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