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ngef motor

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ngef motor

Electric Motors

Geared Motor
Increased Safety Motor
SQ Motor (3 Phase AC)

ngef motor

AC Motors

Squirrel Cage Motor (G2 Range)
Squirrel Cage Motor (G1 Range)
Brake Motor

ngef motor, ngef motor dealers, ngef motor dealers in ahmedabad, ngef motor dealers in gujarat, ngef motor dealers in india

With outstanding storage facilities, we are capable of making fast and urgent requirements of the customers. Owing to our automated and spacious infrastructure, we make systematic packaging followed by delivery to the clients in set time. Buyers across the nation can contact us for getting NGEF Motor Terminal Blocks in retail or wholesale at competitive prices. making significant contribution since 3 decades for the industrial and economic development of the country by supplying Electric Motors & Transformers of high quality and reliability as per national and international standards. Our Motors & Transformers are in various industrial application operating across the country . so we offer Our super durable NGEF motor terminal blocks are available in various shapes like round, square, rectangle, curved rectangle, etc.

ngef motor dealers

with a view to promoting industries outside Bangalore. The company has been in existence for over thirty years but its performance in recent periods has been one of concern with declining business, leading to losses, while the unit of the company was closed during. so the best product of ngef motors in Ahmedabad.

carried out the study to all the four Regional offices and interactions with dealers were held. Questionnaires were used to capture data from each of them. However, desired quantitative data was not shared by them for their own reasons but qualitative information could be gathered through one to one discussions. The team had three rounds of meetings with the Managing Director and two rounds with Departmental in charges of the Factory.

carry on the business of manufacture of all kinds of electric motors and rotating machines, starters, regulators, etc. The company’s vision is to increase its business opportunities. The company is striving to fulfill its objectives and obligations to the state and country. It has established a network of dealers across the country over the years. During three decades of its existence,

As against the production of a range of motors earlier, the company has reduced its production range due to want of facilities at Hubballi including working capital. A major shift in its working is that it has to find its own market for products and explore new markets and products. With changing industrial scenario, demand for higher ranges.

To meet this demand, the addition of new and improved plant and machinery is necessary. Since it is not in a position to make any investments for acquiring new and improved machines, it has to contend itself with available facilities. so ngef motors in Ahmedabad This has resulted in limited scope for pushing the available ranges of motors into the markets. Large numbers of companies are engaged in the motor industry and any of them are able to supply wider ranges of motors. Since available machinery.

addition to the existing ranges is limited and as such the company has to restrict its ranges to the available facilities while the demand for higher ranges is on the rise. Financial constraint is another reason for the company to meet emerging demands. Since the company is incurring a loss, its financial status is eroded so also its net worth. It cannot generate any surplus internally nor can it borrow from financial institutions. The third limitation is the comparatively higher per-unit cost of products.

the demand pattern of the users also has been changing as with technological advancement the demand for traditionally used ranges has been taken over by higher ranges leading to unprecedented demand for new ranges of motors. Private sector companies have the advantage of responding to the market and are in a position to adjust to such changing conditions while Government units are not in a position to switch over so easily.

we are best ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad becoming limited due to the availability of required ranges of other brands in the market at competitive prices with attractive terms; Entry of a number of companies into motor manufacturing has further eroded the market share of the company. Technological lag is another limiting factor. Due to the use of improved technologies that reduce the cost of production and enhance efficiency, private companies are in a position.

delivery schedule and commitment are not maintained as there is a considerable delay between placing order and actual delivery. Besides, demands are not fully met at one go but in installments ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad. The absence of storage facilities for stocks at important centers with high potential demand is causing delays in delivery schedules. ngef motors in Ahmedabad.

Nipa Agencies are expert in ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad The company also has offered its facilities to private companies within its premises for which separate quotation is envisaged. ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad also is in the process of identifying surplus workforce that can be spared and exploring an arrangement under which some of the spare workforces could be deputed to others. so ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad., so ngef motors in Ahmedabad.

we are bes product of ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad The overhead costs are being controlled and in many cases, reduced through economic measures and disciplining of overhead expenses. so ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad However, ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad there is a lower limit below which it may not be prudent or feasible to curtail these costs. An alternative is to enhance production with a given level of overheads so as to reduce the per-unit cost of production. Presently the prices quoted by the company are stated to be higher.

without a corresponding increase in productivity and capacity utilization. It is also found that there is a spurt in the employee expenses when compared with the revenue from operation ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad. A major part of the revenue from turnover is eaten away by employee cost and this has grown over the previous three years. ngef motors in Ahmedabad There is a huge disconnect between productivity and employee cost. so we are best of ngef motor dealers in Ahmedabad.

This ratio signifies how effectively assets are used in generating revenue from the business. Assets used are not contributing much to the revenue; it is due to assets being underutilized/unutilized to the full extent. It is also found that most of the assets are obsolete and do not have proper maintenance

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